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Strike-Hold brand DEGREASER
Strike-HoldĀ® brand DEGREASER is an economical, but powerful concentrated degreaser that provides the grease and grime removal properties of a solvent cleaner yet is water-based and therefore much easier and safer to use than harsh solvents. DEGREASER is strong, yet gentle on the hands. In addition, this formulation is scientifically controlled to be extremely powerful, nontoxic and biodegradable. It is economical and provides a safe, fast cleaning action that can be sprayed or mopped on surfaces and simply wiped off for most application situations.

Why is DEGREASER better than other degreasing products I have seen?

* Extremely versatile
* Eliminates duplicate products
* Concentrated
* Cost-effective
* Free-rinsing
* Nonflammable
* Biodegradable
* Pleasant scent

How does DEGREASER make cleaning faster and easier?

* Suitable for almost all industrial, institutional, commercial and automotive cleaning and degreasing applications
* Requires little scrubbing
* Features aggressive cleaning action

How is DEGREASER packaged and how much does it cost?

4x1 gallon cases (concentrated)
12x1 Liter cases (Ready-to-Use)
15 gallon drums for industrial users.

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"The only folks not using Strike-HoldĀ® CDLP are those that don't know about it !!!"
                                      -M.P. Huggard